via YouTubeReasonable expectations for fun and entertainment are part of every local Figure 8 race. And when it descends into mayhem where hints of Monster Jam are incorporated, police intervention is required and tasers are involved, fans can say they got they money's worth.

Using a racecar as a weapon, however, is where the humor during Saturday night's Hart's Figure 8 event at Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Ind., comes to an end.
Contact between Jeffrey Swinford and Shawn Cullen shortly after a restart – the third reported run-in between the two during the contest – led to race-ending damage to Cullen's car and an explosion of rage by Swinford, who was spun by Cullen in the incident.

With retaliation as the chosen form of expressing his anger, Swinford channeled his inner Grave Digger and drove over the front of Cullen's car, where he then sat high-sided on the hood. Not to be outdone, the burly Cullen climbed from his pinned machine, removed his helmet, walked around to Swinford, and began throwing eye-level punches while his adversary was strapped into seat of his car.

A local police officer brought an end to the Figure 8/Monster Jam/WWE mash-up with his taser gun, which dropped Cullen to the ground. Both men were arrested and Swinford was banned for life from competing at Anderson Speedway.

"We actually had a great day of racing up until then," track owner Rick Dawson told The Herald Bulletin. "Swinford just got mad and used his car as a weapon. We've never had anything like that happen. It's just beyond my comprehension."

Here's a follow-up report with commentary from Swinford's brother:


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