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The new Eibach Elite Series Springs are designed for the rigors of racing. This spring series utilizes the highest tensile strength wire technology and has a slight barrel design, which allows for ad...

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IR R3130 Cordless Ratchet IR R3130 Cordless Ratchet

The Ingersoll Rand IQV20 Series R3130 3/8-inch cordless ratchet provides power, portability, and access for jobs in tight spaces. The R3130 delivers 54lb-ft of torque to complete repairs quickly, and...

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FAST Big Mouth LS Throttle Body FAST Big Mouth LS Throttle Body

The FAST Blackout Big Mouth LT 92mm Throttle Body for GM LS engines features a wrinkled powder-coated body and large CNC machined bore for maximum airflow. This unit uses a double return spring and a...

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ATI 2ZZ Super Damper ATI 2ZZ Super Damper

The 2ZZ 1.8L Toyota/Lotus Elise Super Damper is comprised of a 5.5-inch, six-rib billet aluminum shell, steel hub with keyway, and laser engraved timing marks. Its two dampers in one diameter elastom...

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ACT FR-S/BRZ Xtreme Clutch ACT FR-S/BRZ Xtreme Clutch

ACT introduces the SB8-XT clutch kit for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. This race clutch kit features the Xtreme pressure plate paired with an Xtreme Race disc. The Xtreme Race discs meet SFI Spec 1....

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Classic Japanese Performance Cars Classic Japanese Performance Cars

The Classic Japanese Performance Cars book recognizes many of the classic Japanese cars that are becoming popular with collectors and are great choices for vehicle restorations. If you are a Toyota, ...

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Burns Manifold Destiny Burns Manifold Destiny

Manifold Destiny has been developed and used by Burns Stainless specifically for cleaning and polishing stainless steel and Inconel exhaust components that have been discolored, stained, or oxidized....

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Jongbloed Spec Miata Wheel Jongbloed Spec Miata Wheel

Jongbloed Racing Wheels has expanded its lineup to include a wheel specifically designed with Spec Miata in mind. This 15x7-inch wheel is offered in a +25mm or +30mm offset, can be found in black or ...

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Outdoor CarCapsule Outdoor CarCapsule

CarCapsule is an easy-to-use inflatable bubble that completely seals and protects a vehicle from dings, dust, dirt, corrosion, mildew, musty odors, and pests. CarCapsule is now available in an outdoo...

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Necksgen REV Necksgen REV

The Necksgen REV is the latest SFI 38.1 approved head and neck restraint for use in motorsports competition. The NecksGen REV is small, lightweight, and uses the proven, patent-pending, Tension Neutr...

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