Global Rallycross confirmed the creation of GRC Lites, a new rallycross class that will support the series' Supercars class at all U.S. races in 2013.
“We want to provide a place for our next generation of star drivers,” said GRC Founder Chip Pankow. “The GRC Lites class is the perfect training ground for any driver who wants to get started in rallycross and it will provide them exposure to all of our fans.”
GRC Lites is a tightly controlled spec class with cars built by OlsbergsMSE, that produce just over half the power of the top Supercar vehicles and are designed to be more manageable for developing star drivers.
“The GRC Lites cars are a great addition to the Global Rallycross lineup," said Global Rallycross Supercar driver and reigning champion Tanner Foust, who has tested the prototype GRC Lites car. "They're challenging to drive yet incredibly capable cars that will carry as much speed as the Supercars through some corners and the additional races on the track during the race day will certainly add to the entertainment factor for the fans.”
“The racing is going to be close, since all cars conform to the same specification, and driving talent will be the deciding factor in these races,” said OlsbergsMSE CEO Andreas Eriksson, who worked with GRC to develop the class. “There is no better place than GRC Lites competitions to learn the sport.”
GRC Lites cars are all-wheel drive and capable of handling the jumps, door-to-door combat and surface changes of a typical rallycross course. The class will run as a support series on the same courses as the Supercars at all US GRC events, with the Last Chance Qualifiers and Finals expected to run immediately before the main Supercar races.
“GRC Lites continues the growth of Global Rallycross and will provide the perfect venue for drivers to hone their rallycross skills infront of our thousands of spectators,” said GRC CEO Colin Dyne.

At the conclusion of the 2013 season, the GRC Lites series champion will be awarded a drive in an OlsbergsMSE Ford Fiesta ST Supercar and the top three finishers in the championship will receive a Supercar test with OlsbergsMSE.

GRC Lites Vehicle Specifications

Engine 2.4 Liter Duratech built by Mountune/Olsbergs
Crankshaft Forged steel
Pistons Forged
Camshafts Mountune/Olsbergs design and manufacture
Engine Management AEM Infinity
Horsepower (bhp) 310
Torque (lb ft) 220
Transmission Sadev BV5 4x4 Central Transaxle sequential
Gears 6 forward, 1 reverse
Driveshaft Sadev
Propshaft Sadev
Maximum torque (lb ft) 660
Brakes Alcon 4-piston calipers with 330mm discs f + r
Handbrake Sadev WRC version
Dampers Őhlins TTX44 twin tube with Progressive Damping System
Wheels Motegi Racing forged lightweight rallycross


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