425 PR425 Motorsports, is a name Pacific Northwest drivers equate to high performance motorsports
and quality safety gear. We know motorsports and safety do not seem to go hand in hand but
owner of 425, Dan Reiss, insists they should.

"We receive e-mails with photos usually attached from drivers all over the PNW and Canada
saying, 'Thank you.' The pictures show wreckage, fire damage and a driver with a mile wide smile
on his/her face. They walk away because we outfitted them with the best safety gear on the

Drivers need to feel confident when they are pushing themselves and their cars to the limit. There
is not room for self doubt or fear when you are making split second decisions. Having your body
wrapped head-to-toe in safety gear allows you to cross over that line from driver to champion.

"Our goal is to keep clients safe while they are out on the road/track pursuing their passion. We
feel not only the gear the driver is wearing but the modifications we fabricate and sell like roll
cages and seats make this a reality."

If you are ready to suit up head over to 425 Motorsports located on NE 20th St. in Bellevue, WA.

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