Responding to track-day and endurance racing customer requests, Long Road Racing is now offering a sequential gearbox option for ND Mazda MX-5 and Global MX-5 Cup (GMX-5) cars. The sequential option gives enthusiasts a whole new way to enjoy the GMX-5 car – what Mazda calls the best value in road racing today.

The SADev 6-speed sequential gearbox is available as a GMX-5 retrofit kit for $18,600 or installed for $19,755. Non cup spec MX-5 cars are slightly higher. Orders are now being accepted.

Long Road Racing, in conjunction with Mazda North American Operations developed the Global MX-5 Cup car for multiple markets. The car has been showcased in the Battery Tender Global Mazda MX-5 Cup presented by BFGoodrich Tires since 2016 and this year with optional hardtop, has contested and won the Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) Touring Car A Manufacturers Championship besting competitors from Toyota and Honda. The car is also eligible in NASA and SCCA classes, and has enjoyed wide acceptance in track day HPDE events. Although not currently legal in all race classes, the sequential gearbox option continues to place the GMX-5 Cup car further ahead as the perfect choice for track day enthusiasts and endurance racers.

The SADev unit was selected for its elegance in engineering, reliability, speed and usability. Mazda pro racers Chad McCumbee and Tom Long developed the gearbox, and regularly set lap times two seconds faster than those with the conventional gearbox. McCumbee noted that, "The SADev transmission was a complete blast to drive. I appreciate LRR allowing me to assist in the development process. The gearbox added speed & excitement to an already amazing platform!"

Long echoed the feeling, "The SADev sequential gearbox integrates beautifully into the Global MX-5 Cup car package. The thrill of no-lift shifting mated to quick precise gear changes takes the driving experience to the next level. A must for any driver looking to add that next step component to their GMX-5 racecar."

Mazda MX-5 Cup Sequential Transmission Package features:

· SADev 6-speed sequential transmission
· Custom SFI approved bell housing
· Aluminum flywheel with replaceable steel friction surface
· 7.25" 2 disc metallic racing clutch
· LRR engineered drive train mounts
· Custom made driveshaft
· Custom ECU tune that allows flat shift and auto blip for downshifts
· 3.45 rear gear with factory limited slip differential

Additional details, including ordering information, can be found at


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