Racer Magazine http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine Sun, 28 Aug 2016 18:46:38 -0700 en-gb RACER: The Great Cars Issue http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/133164-racer-the-great-cars-issue http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/133164-racer-the-great-cars-issue RACER: The Great Cars Issue

Nobody designs or builds a racecar for reasons as amorphous as "greatness." Mostly, they do it for more tangible goals: to be as fast and competitive as possible, and hopefully win races and champion...

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RACER: The Legendary Races Issue http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/132013-racer-the-legendary-races-issue http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/132013-racer-the-legendary-races-issue RACER: The Legendary Races Issue

In the afterglow of two motorsports monuments, the Legendary Races issue of RACER, on sale now, presents 41 pages that go inside the glory – and heartbreak – of the Indianapolis 500 and the 24 Hours ...

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Inside the Great Teams III Issue of RACER http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/129902-inside-the-great-teams-iii-issue-of-racer http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/129902-inside-the-great-teams-iii-issue-of-racer Inside the Great Teams III Issue of RACER

There are teams that have existed for longer – Scuderia Ferrari and McLaren, albeit in two guises, spring to mind. But none have sustained a level of excellence, or accumulated the scale and variety ...

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Inside the Heroes V Issue of RACER http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/128202-inside-the-heroes-v-issue-of-racer http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/128202-inside-the-heroes-v-issue-of-racer Inside the Heroes V Issue of RACER

It was only when we'd assembled our cast of heroes for RACER's 24th anniversary issue that we noticed an obvious link: given their natural modesty and self-effacing style, none of these guys would re...

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All that's new: RACER's 2016 Season Preview issue http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/127024-all-that-s-new-racer-s-2016-season-preview-issue http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/127024-all-that-s-new-racer-s-2016-season-preview-issue All that

There’s always pressure on Ferrari to deliver in Formula 1. It comes with the territory when you’re the oldest, most storied and charismatic marque in the ultimate motorsports arena. Yet heading into...

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Champions of 2015 celebrated in Winter Issue of RACER http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/124438-champions-of-2015-celebrated-in-winter-issue-of-racer http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/124438-champions-of-2015-celebrated-in-winter-issue-of-racer Champions of 2015 celebrated in Winter Issue of RACER

How do you analyze something as instinctive and ethereal as the ability to drive a racecar faster than anybody else? Sure, you can break down certain techniques or traits, but that doesn’t entirely e...

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Technical advances and the challenges they create drive The Technology Issue of RACER magazine http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/123167-technical-advances-and-the-challenges-they-create-drive-the-technology-issue-of-racer-magazine http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/123167-technical-advances-and-the-challenges-they-create-drive-the-technology-issue-of-racer-magazine Technical advances and the challenges they create drive The Technology Issue of RACER magazine

Be careful what you wish for... In theory, the hybrid power units introduced to Formula 1 in 2014 would be the catalyst for returning it to a position of technological relevance it hadn't enjoyed sin...

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Tribute to Justin Wilson leads The Insider Issue of RACER http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/121527-tribute-to-justin-wilson-leads-the-insider-issue-of-racer http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/121527-tribute-to-justin-wilson-leads-the-insider-issue-of-racer Tribute to Justin Wilson leads The Insider Issue of RACER

Justin Wilson was one of those guys we had on speed dial for whenever RACER wanted an intelligent, considered and balanced opinion on the motorsport matters of the day, because he was extraordinary s...

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More of the greatest racecars ever drive the August issue of RACER http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/119742-more-of-the-greatest-racecars-ever-drive-the-august-issue-of-racer http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/119742-more-of-the-greatest-racecars-ever-drive-the-august-issue-of-racer More of the greatest racecars ever drive the August issue of RACER

The KISS ethos – Keep It Simple, Stupid – is one that rarely creates great racecars. Generally, the machines that earned big numbers at the time, and still earn big plaudits decades later, are ones t...

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Inside RACER's GT Issue II http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/118509-racer-s-gt-issue-ii http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/118509-racer-s-gt-issue-ii Inside RACER

The day after the 83rd running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans was the last day before our July issue went to press, and we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves. Yet again the GT classes provided th...

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