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There was one moment on his first visit to the Racing Capital of the World – a fact-finding mission in October 1962 — when Jimmy Clark's pride got the better of him. He was not impressed at having to...

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What's ahead for 2015 drives the Season Preview Issue of RACER http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/114196-what-s-ahead-for-2015-drives-the-season-preview-issue-of-racer http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/114196-what-s-ahead-for-2015-drives-the-season-preview-issue-of-racer What

It's just as well a picture paints a thousand words, because the Nissan LM GT-R NISMO rendered us speechless when we first saw under the skin. Designer Ben Bowlby has again ignored convention, but no...

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RACER salutes the stars of 2014 in The Champions Issue http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/111913-racer-salutes-the-stars-of-2014-in-the-champions-issue http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/111913-racer-salutes-the-stars-of-2014-in-the-champions-issue RACER salutes the stars of 2014 in The Champions Issue

What a sense of relief. The Formula 1 World Championship was not decided by the double points available in the finale. Another sense of relief. This gimmick has now been dismissed to F1's Room of Lam...

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Racing technology drives the Fall issue of RACER magazine http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/110334-racing-technology-drives-the-fall-issue-of-racer-magazine http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/110334-racing-technology-drives-the-fall-issue-of-racer-magazine Racing technology drives the Fall issue of RACER magazine

It's a strange paradox that while no sport embraces technology quite like racing, it's treated as a dirty word by some motorsport fans who associate it with spoiling the action, making life too easy ...

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Gain insights into racing's insiders in the September issue of RACER Magazine http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/108258-gain-insights-into-racing-s-insiders-in-the-september-issue-of-racer-magazine http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/108258-gain-insights-into-racing-s-insiders-in-the-september-issue-of-racer-magazine Gain insights into racing

With every issue of RACER, our purpose is to take you inside the sport we all love, with the stories of racing's past (we revel in it), present (we're absorbed by it) and future (we're excited by it)...

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RACER's The Great Cars III Issue spotlights epic racecars past and present http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/107353-racer-s-the-great-cars-iii-issue-spotlights-epic-racecars-past-and-present http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/107353-racer-s-the-great-cars-iii-issue-spotlights-epic-racecars-past-and-present RACER

RACER's Great Cars Issues always cause the same dilemmas: What to include? What to leave out? Whatever, we were determined to avoid "merely" wallowing in nostalgia. For example, although we know this...

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The enduring allure of Grand Touring drives this month's RACER Magazine http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/105574-the-enduring-allure-of-grand-touring-drives-this-month-s-racer-magazine http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/105574-the-enduring-allure-of-grand-touring-drives-this-month-s-racer-magazine The enduring allure of Grand Touring drives this month

They're the kind of cars that take hold of our imagination as kids and never let go. As adults, some are lucky enough to turn dreams into reality and get to own and enjoy one. Yet whether you drive o...

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The Great Teams drive the June issue of RACER http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/103797-the-great-teams-drive-the-june-issue-of-racer http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/103797-the-great-teams-drive-the-june-issue-of-racer The Great Teams drive the June issue of RACER

Probably the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan succinctly conveyed the hard work and hardline attitude it takes to succeed in any sport. “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my ...

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Racing heroes drive the 22nd Anniversary issue of RACER Magazine http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/102746-racing-heroes-drive-the-22nd-anniversary-issue-of-racer-magazine-102746 http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/102746-racing-heroes-drive-the-22nd-anniversary-issue-of-racer-magazine-102746 Racing heroes drive the 22nd Anniversary issue of RACER Magazine

As a RACER reader, chances are that at least one of the guys on our front cover this issue is a hero of yours, yet it hardly matters: they all transcended personal tastes to become heroes of motorspo...

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2014 season previews, and the readers' choices of 2013 pack the Spring Issue of RACER http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/101772-2014-season-previews-and-the-readers-choices-of-2013-pack-the-spring-issue-of-racer http://www.racer.com/more/racer-magazine/item/101772-2014-season-previews-and-the-readers-choices-of-2013-pack-the-spring-issue-of-racer 2014 season previews, and the readers

Given the abundance of riches at Chip Ganassi Racing this year, it was only logical to feature the team's IndyCar squad on the cover of RACER's 2014 Season Preview Issue. All four CGR drivers have ra...

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