"We hit 317mph on our second pass today. We experienced no issues with the car and successfully gathered all the data we needed for the upcoming SCTA and FIA events later this year. Given today’s positive results, we’ve decided to forgo additional runs and return early. We’re not sure how much more we can learn on the 3-mile track and want to preserve the engines for the longer courses at Speed Week and Cook’s.

"Although the test exceeded our expectations, we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Our engine team is going to work on hopping up our existing setup in order to generate more horsepower and faster acceleration. I personally will be making some modifications to the cockpit and safety equipment setup. As always, we’ll be tweaking our traction formulas in search of the least possible wheel slip." -Danny Thompson

Climb aboard for this July 12 test run in which Danny Thompson's "Challenger II" streamliner reached a speed of 317mph on its second run at the 2014 USFRA Test and Tune. The restored vehicle last ran on the salt at Bonneville in 1968, when it was driven by Danny's father, Mickey Thompson.

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