Image117Nobody knows the pitfalls and politics of racing any better than Derek Daly and he's put together a five-part video series to share his knowledge.

With Honda's support, the ex-Formula 1 and IndyCar regular has put together a plan that airs in January and continues through May.

"There is no true knowledge set that parents can tap into and give them a path to navigate this sport," said Daly, whose son Conor is preparing for his first season with A.J. Foyt in the Verizon IndyCar Series. "This is a five-part video series of grass roots driver development that takes parents through driver skills and support skills.

"It will be online and available for anybody to view as many times as you like. The first one runs the first week of January, the second goes the first week of February and the first week also for March, April and May."


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