Image263Michelin and IMSA have already started discussions on the desired performance levels for the French manufacturer's tires when they replace Continental in 2019.

"We are having discussion, more along the lines of how do we maintain reasonable and appropriate gaps between classes," Michelin North American motorsport director Chris Baker told RACER.

With Michelin already responsible for the GT Le Mans class, outfitting Prototype and GT Daytona will serve as the new areas for both parties to explore. Given the highly restricted performance level for GTLM cars, the speedy, relatively untamed GT3-based GTD cars could match or exceed the GTLM cars on similar Michelin rubber without intervention by the series.

Speeds in the Prototype class, with its P2-based cars, could also improve if IMSA and Michelin decide to accelerate its marquee category.

"Everybody seems to think that cars going faster, within reason, is a good idea," he added. "So, we're aligned on that, and of course in our testing, we'll see what kind of magnitude difference we actually wind up with.

"Really, the important thing for us, right now, is the gap between GT Daytona cars and GTLM cars. Not worried about Prototype. Helping IMSA to manage the gap between GTLM and GTD is the first work at hand."

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