IHRA2If you're unfamiliar with the IHRA JR Race Car Junior Dragster series, this 2009 video is a good introduction to what is arguably the most successful program in all of motorsports that allows young drivers to compete at the same tracks, using essentially the same rules, as their full-sized counterparts.

Though the cars, engines and, of course, the drivers are smaller, the procedure – from the time you enter the track, to the time you pack up and head home – is identical. Juniors develop a comfort level that serves them well not only from one IHRA track to the next, but from one IHRA class to the next. Though some young racers leave the sport after their Junior Dragster career ends, plenty more either transition directly into full-sized cars or motorcycles, while others gravitate back to drag racing at other points in their lives.

Maybe it happens after schooling is complete, or perhaps even after they have their own children who happen to turn a Junior Dragster-eligible age. It's an encompassing family activity, where there's a job for everyone.

We aren't the first to misappropriate the slogan that suggests families who race together, stay together, but who don't have to spend much time around a drag strip to see the theory in action.

Here's a sample.


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