WRC: Rally China canceled due to storm damage

2016-08-16 16:41:49

Next month's Rally China round of the World Rally Championship has been canceled due to storm damage. A joint statement from the FIA and WRC Promoter confirmed the news on Tuesday afternoon.

Both the FIA and WRC Promoter had visited Beijing last week and were attempting to prevent the cancellation of the event, with China due to host a round of the WRC for the first time since 1999. But roads damaged in storms last month were unable to be fixed in time for the rally, leaving the organizers with no option but to cancel.

The statement said: "The FIA and WRC Promoter have received a formal request to cancel next month's Rally China, round 10 of the 2016 FIA World Rally Championship. The Federation of Automobile and Motorcycle Sports of China (CAMF) and event organizer Le Sports cited heavy damage to the route caused by torrential storms and flooding last month in the region around Huairou, near Beijing, where the rally was to be staged.

"Despite a last-minute visit to China last week by representatives from the FIA and WRC Promoter, and the best efforts by all concerned, it was said to be impossible to affect the necessary repairs for the event to run.

"According to CAMF and Le Sports the adverse weather left sections of the route to be used as special stages requiring major repair work which the region's Road Administration Authority confirmed could not be completed before reconnaissance for the rally was due to start.

"Some of the worst floods in China for many years forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate their homes in the north of the country, prompting authorities to introduce emergency measures in the region, which continue.

"The rally will not be replaced in this year's FIA World Rally Championship, which will now comprise 13 rounds."

Ironically, the Huairou-based event is the first WRC round to be canceled since the 2000 China Rally, which didn't run for financial reasons.


Originally on Autosport.com

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